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[gbib-dev] btxdoc.bib

btxdoc.bib is attached (and there was a @ before mAnUal, but it was a
couple of lines above, maybe the last mail looked weird without it)

Felipe Paulo Guazzi Bergo - Free Software Developer (bergo@seul.org)
Personal Info and GPG Public Key: http://www.advogato.org/person/khazad
Campinas - SP - Brazil - Earth

* When one makes a OS and considers it good, he doesn't name it Amoeba.
Copyright (C) 1988, all rights reserved.

@COMMENT(You may put a comment in a `comment' command,
	the way you would with SCRIBE.)

Or you may dispense with the command and simply give the comment,
as long as it's not within an entry.

If you really want to put a comment inside an entry, simply
make up a never-to-be-used field.

	never-to-be-used-field = "Even if this were a real entry,
		I could still have a comment inside an entry
		by making up a fake field"

@string	(SCRIBE-NOTE = {Chapter twelve and appendices E8 through E10 deal
			with bibliographies})

The next entry shows some of the syntactically legal things that
those with the inclination may use.@

MaNuAl	(scribe,
	TITLE="Scribe Document Production System

							User Manual",
	ORGANIZATION =	{Unilogic,}#" Ltd"# {.
	ADDRESS = "Pittsburgh",
	note = scribe-note,
)				May the inclination not be with you.

   author = "Charles Louis Xavier Joseph de la Vall{\'e}e Poussin",
   note = "A strong form of the prime number theorem, 19th century" }

   title = "The Chicago Manual of Style",
   publisher = "University of Chicago Press",
   edition = "Thirteenth",
   year = 1982,
   pages = "400--401",
   key = "Chicago" }

   author = "Donald E. Knuth",
   title= "The {{\TeX}book}",
   publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
   year = 1984 }

   author = "Leslie Lamport",
   title = "{\LaTeX \rm:} {A} Document Preparation System",
   publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
   year = 1986 }

   author = "Oren Patashnik",
   title = "{{\BibTeX ing}}",
   note = "Documentation for general {\BibTeX} users",
   month = "8~" # feb,
   year = 1988 }

   author = "Oren Patashnik",
   title = "Designing {\BibTeX} Styles",
   note = "The part of \BibTeX's documentation
					that's not meant for general users",
   month = "8~" # feb,
   year = 1988 }

   author = "Strunk, Jr., William and E. B. White",
   title = "The Elements of Style",
   publisher = "Macmillan",
   edition = "Third",
   year = 1979 }

   title = "A Handbook for Scholars",
   author = "Mary-Claire van Leunen",
   publisher = "Knopf",
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