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gEDA-user: Gschem to PCB newbie questions

Hey folks,

First post, just spent the last several days installing software. :)
Everything is now working well, but I however do not know how to work

I managed to make a nice little schmatic with gscem. (Fantastic by the
Created my netlist with gnetlist. 

Then opened PCB newest version I could get, and put all my components in
and labled them the same as gschem.

Clicked on autorats nest. Pling I had some rats but not all.

The confusion is with the 2n3906 transistors.  Gschem has the pins B C
E, however it appears that
PCB is the same.  I can in know way that I try renaiming get them to
match with the netlist.

More questions are:
would gschem2pcb just by pass some of this?  I tried but couldn't figure
out the proper foot print names, is there a list
of these footprint names somewhere?

The footprint problem may simply relate to library location, I have no
gschemrc file local right now, anyone direct me to 
a site that could tell me how to set this up to see the footprints that
are in PCB.

Anyone want to take me on as a project?  I can probably get this
straight in a few emails and be on my way, but right now its
confusing.  I think I am at the top of the learning curve loop, upside
down and looking in all directions.

-thanks, for all you, all do, to maintain and produce such great
I am consistantly blown away, the deeper I delve,