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Re: gEDA-user: Part specification

>> (This, too will change in the course of time.  Eventually, gEDA will
>> transition to having only one RC file for all programs.  Right now,
>> each program has its own RC file, and as the number of programs grows,
>> so does the number of -- usually redundant -- RC files.)
>I think a better solution is to have an .geda *directory*, then separate 
>files for each class of configuration, so that multiple tools can just 
>read the same files if necessary.  It will keep things much more 

	Stuart's comment is from a discussion we had about the current
rc mechanism where each of the rc files (gschemrc, gnetlistrc, gschlasrc,
and now gattribrc) duplicates information (unless you do something
like a common file which is (load ...'ed).  This duplication a
maintenance nightmare (and a pain when you want to run gschem and then
gnetlist with the same libraries etc...).

	So, there is a new rc file which contains things that are common
to all libgeda applications (such as component-library and source-library,
etc...).  I'm calling this new rc file: gafrc.  Support for it is in CVS
now (for all libgeda applications).  I haven't yet decided whether it
will be search for first or after the existing rc files and if I will
search for it in ~/.gEDA.

	Originally, I had thought that I would merge and then eliminate all 
the existing rc files, however, this isn't practical at this point.
Maybe in the future, but for now I'll keep the existing *rc files around
along with the new gafrc.  Most people will only need to edit and add
to the local (per project) gafrc file.  The existing *rc files will be
for application specific configuration, while gafrc will be for project
wide configuration.

	If anybody objects to this, object now.