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Re: gEDA-user: Part specification

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 08:59:30AM -0400, Stuart Brorson wrote:
> Here's a suggestion:  Create a "description" attribute, and use
> gattrib to enter it multiple times.

I can't find gattrib in gEDA tools:

Why isn't it there? I suggest it to be added if it's a part of the gEDA.

> Ales just put the latest gattrib release into CVS.  I suggest you get
> it from there & install it by doing 
> "./autogen.sh && ./configure  && make && make install". 
> Here's how I would use gattrib to accomplish your task:
> 1.  Seed gattrib.  In gschem, double click on one component and add a
> "description" attrib with whatever description you want.  
> (The reason you have to do this is that gattrib doesn't let you enter
> an entirely new attrib column yet.  It has to find at least one
> pre-existing instance of an attrib to create the attrib column.  This
> will be improved in the course of time. . . .)
> 2.  Create a link between your gschemrc and a new gattribrc,
> preferably in your local directory:  "ln -s gschemrc gattribrc"
> (This, too will change in the course of time.  Eventually, gEDA will
> transition to having only one RC file for all programs.  Right now,
> each program has its own RC file, and as the number of programs grows,
> so does the number of -- usually redundant -- RC files.)
> 3.  Run gattrib on your design files:  "gattrib foo1.sch foo2.sch".
> In gattrib, under the "components" tab, you will see all your
> components and all your attributes in a spreadsheet format.  You can
> then edit your attribs, enter new attribs, etc.  In your case, enter
> your descriptions under the "description" column.
> 4.  When you are done, save your design out.  The new descriptions you
> entered will be embedded in your .sch file, but they will not be
> displayed, so they won't take lots of room.  You can see them -- and
> toggle their visibility -- if you double click on the component in
> gschem. 
> Please let me know if you have any problems getting, compiling, or
> using gattrib.  Ales has put the latest version into CVS.  It is an
> improved version which allows you to edit component attributes,
> displays pin attributes, and also works with
> GTK-2.2, so I would like to get some feedback on whether it works for
> other people.  (It works for me & Ales . . . .)
> Stuart
> > 
> > Hello
> > 
> > How do I correctly solve the following requirement?
> > 
> > I want to have in the "device" attribute in the schematic a short
> > description, for example "NE592" or "switch" and in the
> > bill of materials a longer, more detailed version, for example:
> > NE592_DIL14
> > 2-pole_switch_gold_plated_6mm_hole
> > DC_power_central_pin_2.5mm_panel_female 
> > Green_5mm_diffuse_LED
> > 
> > I don't want to have these long strings in the schematic, because they
> > take up too much space.
> > 
> > Is some elegant solution using attributes possible?
> > 
> > Cl<
> >