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Re: gEDA-user: Free Dog meetings at MIT starting this September!

On Aug 16, 2004, at 2:33 PM, Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:
   Sigh.  Free software has been the way of the UNIX world for decades.  
Stallman *rode* it...he didn't invent it.
Free as in what? Beer or speach?
  Free as in beer.

 Most HW manufacturers gave the OS away with
the machine because the customer paid so much anyway.
  I'm talking about non-OS stuff.

I think it was when
Amdahl started making cheap IBM lookalikes that big blue decided that they
would not give away something that could be used on cheaper hardware. It may
be that I am wrong, but name a couple of pre-Stallman names that fronted free
speach software the way he do. If they exist, they need to come out in the
great wide open.
No, I'm not talking about loud-mouthed evangelism, I'm talking about "software that you can get for free". Heck, even in the non-UNIX world, twenty years ago, I was getting everything I needed in the DEC world for free through DECUS, which acted as a clearinghouse and exchange point for software for DEC machines (PDP-11, VAX, etc)...circuit simulation software, document formatters, utilities, language compilers, etc.

As a big name, Kermit comes to mind. It's been free since day one (and still is), and has been around for decades.

By the way, the printer driver problem that he wanted to solve hasn't improved
much. Installing a printer on a linux machine is still the most tedious part
of getting rid of MS Windows from the desktop.
Yes I've run into this too. My biggest pet peeve has been the scourge of "WinPrinters" floating around on the market, and the people who were clueless enough to buy them. I've not tried recently, but as of maybe a year ago I've had no luck whatsoever in getting any of them working when helping people get the %*@#$% out of Microsoft's stranglehold on their wallets.


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