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Re: gEDA-user: DIL too small

Em Sex 20 Ago 2004 17:55, Karel Kulhavý escreveu:
> Hello
> Some DIL14 chips are bigger at the ends that the outline in DIL macro in
> PCB. It occured to me with plain DIL14 chips (gates & MSI). The shorter
> edges are the source of the problem - the longer can't.
> What is correct solution? To make a new element, to fix the old element
> (DIL macro) or to say that the mistake was made by manufacturer of the
> chip?
> Cl<

Well, the correct procedure is to allways, allways, look at the datasheet. Of 
course, I do not follow that procedure. 
A good point (but not the best) is to take care of it with some space between 
the IC and other parts. So, a new component would have the biggest dimension 
found in the market for that footprint. I prefer to make a new footprint, 
because I dont like the style of the silkscreen of the ICs on the PCB