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Re: gEDA-user: DIL too small

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 07:41:32PM -0300, Xtian Xultz wrote:
> Em Sex 20 Ago 2004 17:55, Karel Kulhavý escreveu:
> > Hello
> >
> > Some DIL14 chips are bigger at the ends that the outline in DIL macro in
> > PCB. It occured to me with plain DIL14 chips (gates & MSI). The shorter
> > edges are the source of the problem - the longer can't.
> >
> > What is correct solution? To make a new element, to fix the old element
> > (DIL macro) or to say that the mistake was made by manufacturer of the
> > chip?
> >
> > Cl<
> Well, the correct procedure is to allways, allways, look at the datasheet. Of 

In Twister, for example 74HC04 can be from Philips, Fairchild, TI, whoever.
whoever. So that there isn't any single datasheet and the sizes differ from
manufacturer to manufacturer.

> course, I do not follow that procedure. 
> A good point (but not the best) is to take care of it with some space between 
> the IC and other parts. So, a new component would have the biggest dimension 
> found in the market for that footprint. I prefer to make a new footprint, 
> because I dont like the style of the silkscreen of the ICs on the PCB 
> library. 

Is it possible that the design carries it's footprints with it? So that when
someone adds some chip into the schematic and runs gsch2pcb, he doesn't get
the file not found message?