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Re: gEDA-user: how to install geda

On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 10:21, zd wrote:
> hello,everyone:
> i tried to install gEDA for linux on my pc.since it`s my very first time
> using linux,i found it difficult indeed  for me.is there any easy way
> for me to install it?
> thanks in advance!
> eagon

This question gets posted now and then.  I find the easiest way to be
that posted by Ales:

wget -c -g on ftp://ftp.geda.seul.org/pub/geda/devel/20040111/*.gz
wget -c ftp://ftp.geda.seul.org/pub/geda/devel/20040111/Makefile
for i in *.gz; do tar -xzf $i; done

Then, type make, and do what it says.  There's an xinstall option to make,
but I haven't used it yet.

On Fedora Core 2, the only trouble I had was that the guile-devel package
was not installed by default.