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Re: gEDA-user: posts in HTML


>1.  I wonder if we need a more robust verificaiton system for the
>mailing lists now?  Some kind of challenge-response protocol for
>posting stuff to the list?

	These things happen once in a while.  Believe me, the amount
of spam that tries to get onto the lists is about 50-70 msgs a day.  
One message is not enough to get me up in arms. :)

>2.  The posting from "Sdb" should probably be deleted becuase it is
>likely spam.  I didn't look at the .gif which was sent 'cause I'm at
>work, and ${DEITY} only know what kind of nasty image would pop up on
>my screen.

	Actually, I looked at the gif, and it wasn't even a valid/complete
gif.  It was just a number inside of a file.  Not terribly interesting. 

	Carry on.