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Re: gEDA-user: weird names in PCB part library

DJ Delorie wrote:

I really, really hope to write an actual manual from scratch some
Have you considered using Doxygen http://www.doxygen.org/ to
embedded the documentation right in the software?  Makes keeping
both up to date easier.
For the type of manual we're talking about, source comments are
absolutely useless as the basis for it.  They do not have the proper
structure to correspond to a user's guide.

At best, source comments can generate useful API manuals, and
references for the elements of the software.
It's still a valid suggestion.

Doxygen only uses structured comments for its HTML/LaTeX/whatever output files, and there are plenty of ways to segregate API information from user information.

I think Bob's point is (correct me if I'm wrong) that Doxygen lets you put the pseudo-HTML in the same source file, as opposed to off in another file.

Take a look at the documentation for WinPcap:


or Doxygen itself.

Charles Lepple