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gEDA-user: shorted net warning

I am using PCB version 1.99p and get the following 
warnings after I choose Connects->optimize rats-nest

2: WARNING!! net "unnamed_net6" is shorted to net
3: WARNING!! net "unnamed_net3" is shorted to net

Here is the netlist:

unnamed_net7	U2-4 C6-2 
unnamed_net6	U2-1 C6-1 
unnamed_net5	U2-3 T1-8 
unnamed_net4	T1-7 T1-6 
unnamed_net3	U2-2 T1-5 
unnamed_net2	T1-4 T1-2 
unnamed_net1	T1-3 T1-1 

If I ignore the warning and route the circuit I 
get the message:

  The layout is complete!
  And has no shorted nets.

I am not sure why the original warning was produced 
or why it disappeared. Has anyone else seen this?

(* jcl *)

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