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Re: gEDA-user: shorted net warning

On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 02:53:46PM -0700, John Luciani wrote:
> I am using PCB version 1.99p and get the following 
> warnings after I choose Connects->optimize rats-nest
> 2: WARNING!! net "unnamed_net6" is shorted to net
> "unnamed_net3"
> 3: WARNING!! net "unnamed_net3" is shorted to net
> "unnamed_net6"
> Here is the netlist:
> unnamed_net7	U2-4 C6-2 
> unnamed_net6	U2-1 C6-1 
> unnamed_net5	U2-3 T1-8 
> unnamed_net4	T1-7 T1-6 
> unnamed_net3	U2-2 T1-5 
> unnamed_net2	T1-4 T1-2 
> unnamed_net1	T1-3 T1-1 
> If I ignore the warning and route the circuit I 
> get the message:
>   Congratulations!!
>   The layout is complete!
>   And has no shorted nets.
> I am not sure why the original warning was produced 
> or why it disappeared. Has anyone else seen this?
> (* jcl *)

When you first got the warning, were there any traces on the board?

Were some of the component pads touching each other?

Are you certain that there are no shorted nets in the routed design?
(I should hope not, if so its a serious bug and I want it fixed)

Was this autorouted?

Do you have a copy of the layout in the state where you had
the shorted nets warning you could post?