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Re: gEDA-user: Reload footprints into PCB?

Keep in mind that you can turn off all layers that you don't want to mess with. Then do a group select and a group delete. Does it sound like I have seen this before?

Steve M.

DJ Delorie wrote:

Or does PCB have a method to reload all footprints?

Having had to do this myself once, I can easily say that you're screwed. Here's the best you can do:

* Manually redo the traces near the footprint in question such that
 replacing the footprint results in the same connectivity.  In my
 case, I was widening a SOT-20 so I had to pull the traces away and
 straighten them, such that they passed through both where the old
 pads are and where the new pads would be.

* Cut the old footprint out.

* Paste in the new footprint.

* Edit the traces to remove the bits that are no longer needed.

Option 2 would be to cut out the footprints and delete the traces that
led only to them (although pcb has no option to automate this), and
rerun the autorouter.