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Re: gEDA-user: series of gnetlist backend patches

On Monday 03 January 2011 07.19:46 Dan White wrote:
> gnetlist: makedepend backend
> SF:  3150021
> Gnetlist backend to determine a schematic's dependencies.  Output
> is in the form of:
> source.sch: depend1.sch depend2.sch
> source.cir: source.sch depend1.cir depend2.cir other.inc
> ...written to "source.d" file for inclusion into a project's
> Makefile.
> First line collects all source= attributes in the input pages.  Second
> line lists transformed source='s/sch/cir/' and file= attributes
> (.include files).

I think that the symbols should also be included in this file. I use a weird
combination of grep, cut, sort, uniq, awk, tr and sed to do this, but a 
backend would be much nicer. I also use tragesym, so the depends on symbols 
relies either on *.sym (handdrawn symbol) or a *.sym generated out of a *.csv 
(tragesym source).

A few suggestions:
 - There should be an attribute to set the directory which hold the symbols 
   and subsheets.
 - There should be an option so that the backend includes only the symbols it 
   founds in a directory, perhaps under another pattern and directory too, 
   like "/.sym$/.csv/" (regex would be nice, or at least a simple extension 
   matching), so that gEDA stock symbols aren't included.

Below is the Makefile snippet I use:

%.sch.d: %.sch
	${ECHO} -n "$< $(<:%.sch=%.ps) $(<:%.sch=%_c.ps) $(<:%.sch=%.net): " >$@ && \
	for SYM in $$(grep "C " $^ | cut -d " " -f 7 | sort | uniq | awk 'BEGIN {print}{print "${SYM_SYM_DIR}/"$$0}' | tr '\n' ' ') ; do \
		if [ -f "$$(echo -n $$SYM | sed -e 's/\.sym$$/\.csv/' -e 's,^${SYM_SYM_DIR},${SYM_SRC_DIR},')" -o -f "$$SYM" ]; then \
			${ECHO} -n " $$SYM"; \
		fi ; \
	done >>$@ && \
	${ECHO} >>$@ && \
	${ECHO} >>$@ && \
	${ECHO} "$@: $<" >>$@ && \
	${ECHO} >>$@

mit freundlichem Gruss

Christian Riggenbach

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