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Re: gEDA-user: No-Net Copper

On Saturday 01 January 2011 19.26:35 kai-martin knaak wrote:
> If no-net copper is connected to a net, it automatically becomes
> some-net copper. The current issue with pcb: You need to toggle
> enforce_DRC to do the connection. This is a hassle that should
> be removed from the GUI.

There is a trick to connect to some other copper not in the same net:

- enter the "line" mode
- hover over the copper to connect
- press 'f' (to mark it as "found")
- start the line from the not marked copper. Both should now be marked as
 "found" and should be connectable.

This is possible, because "Auto enfore DRC clearance" only relies on the 
"found" flag. Also it only resets the "found" status on entering the "line" 

I don't know about the Lesstif GUI, but in GTK it works. This is perhaps 
something for the wiki, as it is a FAQ (IMHO).

mit freundlichem Gruss

Christian Riggenbach

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