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Re: gEDA-user: No-Net Copper

Christian Riggenbach wrote:

> There is a trick to connect to some other copper not in the same net:
> - enter the "line" mode
> - hover over the copper to connect
> - press 'f' (to mark it as "found")
> - start the line from the not marked copper. 
>    Both should now be marked as "found" and should be connectable.

This is a nice one! :-)
I added it to the pcb-tips in the wiki (and remembered that I promised 
to merge "pcb-tips" and "FAQ-pcb")

> mit freundlichem Gruss
> Christian Riggenbach

AllmÃhlich sollten wir Ãber eine deutsche User-Gruppe nachdenken ;-)
Sozusagen als GegenstÃck zu den Free-Dogs in Boston. 

Kai-Martin Knaak
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