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Re: gEDA-user: series of gnetlist backend patches

On Monday 03 January 2011, Dan White wrote:
> The Analog Rails tweaks to gnucap make parallel simulations
> with hspice feasible from a common *.sch set.  Their repo is
> at
> http://redmine.gnucapplus.org/

I could use some help with gnucap development.

I have asked Analog Rails to officially participate in the main 
line of gnucap development, but they refuse.  Management 
decision.  Very bad management decision.

In the geda context ....  Gnucap's preferred netlist format is 
Verilog, but the geda Verilog netlister doesn't do attributes 
and other problems, so it is useless for this.  The spice format 
has been a serious headache for simulator developers for years.

Taking this a step further.  There is a need to treat nets as 
first class objects, which no geda netlister does.

Gnucap has its own translation facility, that can import as well 
as export.  If someone can write plugins for gschem format, and 
PCB format, that would be most appreciated.

Gnucap was never intended to be just another spice, but rather a 
modern replacement.  It's the original "fast-spice", and the 
first true single kernel mixed-mode simulator.  

I could help on the research side too, but in this context, just 
someone to grab the low-hanging-fruit would be extremely 
helpful.  Everything that any Spice has that Gnucap doesn't is 
low-hanging fruit.

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