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Re: gEDA-user: Launchpad up & running [was: SourceForge bug trackers frozen]

On Fri, 2011-01-07 at 02:40 +0100, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:
> Peter TB Brett wrote:
> > You can get access to this by clicking on your name 
> > in a bug report (Kai-Martin, I'm *certain* you'll want to make use
> > of this feature. ;-) )
> Done. The registration/sign-in/merge procedure was suspiciously smooth.
> Just added my first report from the bugs-warts-feature-request thread: 
> 	https://bugs.launchpad.net/geda/+bug/699674
> There seemed to be nothing like the old "feature request" category. So 
> I introduced the tag "feature-request". 

Set the priority to "wish-list", that should do it. I have no problem
with the new tag in addition though, as it should help us find things
which are deliberately thought to be feature requests by the importer.

Note that the bugs imported from the sourceforge "feature requests"
tracker have the "sf-feature-requests" tag. That is deliberate so we
know which tracker they came from - rather than what their contents

We could consider adding the "feature-request" tag to them as well (for
the contents). It would probably just require a bit of launchpad lib

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