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Re: gEDA-user: [Pcb-bugs] [Bug 699553] Re: tented mounting holes

Colin D Bennett <colin@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> OK, just realized that the solder mask was going to cover the mounting
> holes on my board after reading this bug report.  It seems like the
> default for "holes" (i.e., not plated) should be no solder mask over
> them.  Otherwise, what is the purpose of the hole if it is covered but
> is not a conductive via?

I use real footprints for mounting holes, and call them out on the
schematic.  I have a small collection of screw-sized one-pin footprints
for this purpose.

But PCB's default is "vias are tented, pins are not" because 99% of the
time, that's what the user wants.  I can see where a via->hole
conversion should do something smarter, though, but we've always had
weird luck with defining "the right thing" for conversions to/from

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