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Re: gEDA-user: Bug triage

> Maybe we are targetting the "wrong" OS ;-(

Nope, I like my mac os install,  and engineering colleges are seeing a
large uptick in mac usage in colleges.
It is a perk to have a computer that can OS X, Linux, and Windows.

> Maybe the unofficial windows ports are more important than we think ;-)

It is important to have easy to install packages.  I find installing
source packages trivial,  but I am not the average user.
My colleges that want an install for OSX dislike need to install
xcode, mac ports and compiling the whole deal.

One of these days I will study how Inkscape makes their OS X package
and make one for gschem and pcb.

> I will look into these statistics this evening, to have an informed opinion.

We can't have that ;-P  only uninformed conjecture!


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