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Re: gEDA-user: Collaborative Development of Boards

On 01/16/2011 11:28 PM, gedau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
  Some of the most hardcore ones are even do
    modifications using text editor on regular basis, and it is often
    faster than ivoking PCB for a click-around session
  - you have the same diff tool, and the language is the same, so you
    jump the same 2 level of abstrsctions.

So what's the big deal the two processes still differ so much seamingly?
The middle one. Non-programming EEs usually won't do the middle step,
which means they won't be able to do the 2nd abstraction either. Without
diff, your VCS reduces to a shared file system with backups.

Thanks Tibor,

Great writing about teams.

I thought about this some more after sleeping last night, and what Markus
is probably asking for is a position range sensitive diff or auto-merge.

When people make changes in PCB that can be merged, it means they are
working in different places, zones, quadrants...  IOW if you could
say easily *where* you were working was different and not overlapping
another's work, an auto-merge would work -- if it only over-rode layout
traces and footprints in the limited zone of the change made...

tag for this concept:  zone-diff

Ecosensory   Austin TX

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