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Re: gEDA-user: Disposing of Etch Solution

     I have excess muratic acid/hydrogen per oxcide etch solution after
     making a
     board.  What is an acceptable way to dispose of it?

     The hydrogen peroxide
     is easy to neutralize; just put a piece of charcoal in the bottle
     it should decompose.  First pour water into a container, then
     mix in a calculated amount of base, then slowly pour in the acid.  I
     don't know the relevant environmental regs, but I'm sure that at pH
     5-9 those chemicals should be safe for any sewer.

   I had not heard about using charcoal to neutralize the H2O2, I will try
   that int he future. When I have dumped old muriatic (hydrochloric)
   acid/hydrogen peroxide, I first sprinkle baking soda or pool soda ash
   in until it stops foaming, then pour down the sink and rinse well.
   However, this tarnishes the stainless steel sink, so obviously I have
   not yet fully neutralized it. Next time I will start with the charcoal.

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