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gEDA-user: gerber outlines

   I'm trying to provide Dorkbot PDX with gerbers for a two-layer circuit
   board.  They require an outline gerber so I followed the
   e_to_go_with_my_gerbers_to_the_board_maker instructions by naming the
   active layer which for me was the component layer 'outline'.  I then
   exported the gerber file and the outline gerber still shows nothing.
   The help link above makes it sound like PCB will generate the outline
   automatically to the 'outline' layer absolute edge.

   Do I have to draw these lines in or does PCB do this and what should I
   see when viewing the outline gerber layer?



   1. http://geda.seul.org/wiki/geda:pcb_tips#how_do_i_make_a_board_outline_to_go_with_my_gerbers_to_the_board_maker

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