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Re: gEDA-user: OT - Joystick control of stepper or servo motors

David C. Kerber wrote:

> Any suggestions?  

A master student downstairs just started to do something similar. 
He needs to steer a target to wherever his femtosecond laser beam h
happens to be. He settled for a Joy stick with switches rather than 
potentiometers. Speed is going to be controlled with a 12-way switch.

> Are steppers or servos better for this use?  

You'd have to define the metric of "good" in your case.
Anyway, I would prefer steppers. They are much sloppy and much
easier to control.

> What should I use to control them, Arduino or a generic motor 
> control circuit?

ATmega + dedicated power chip would be the no-fuss solution.
Arduino is more sexy, though.

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