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Re: gEDA-user: Fluky Fluky layout printing problem!

Rob Butts wrote:

> I changed the clearance and mask size of a foot print in a design. 

How did you doe his? With the accel key [k] ?  

> I saved
> the file.  I then did View->Displayed element name->Discription.  I then did
> Edit->Edit name of->text on layout and changed the name of the foot print
> file to the new file.  I then saved the layout in PCB, exited PCB, restarted
> PCB and loaded the board again.  I exported gerbers and the solder mask has
> not changed.

Sounds like you assumed footprints in pcb work similar to symbols in pcb.
By default, symbols are loaded from the lib on start-up of gschem. If symbols 
change in the lib they change in the circuit, too. Footprints in PCB are a 
different beast. They are instatianted by gsch2pcb. The layout itself has no 
connection to the library.

> Am I changing the footprint correctly?

Did you see the mask grow or shrink when the solder mask layer is
switched on? 

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