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gEDA-user: Alternate Platforms

Tablet PCs are going to be taking off big time over the next year or two. This is the ideal platform that I have wanted for a long time. But for now at least, they don't run Windows or even Linux. They run the Android OS on ARM processors. I don't really know how closely the UI maps to a standard mouse controlled application. But I would expect a tablet PC could be pretty useful for layout.

Is this something that would be easy to port to? Anyone know much about developing for table PCs?

I'm on a mail list from an outfit that forecasts memory production and usage and they always seem to be talking about future demand being impacted big time by table sales, both NAND flash and DRAM. I hope they can turn these things into useful tools that are extremely portable (much better than my 17" boat anchor laptop) and run a long time off of batteries.

As an aside, I was working at a Panera Bread store tonight and planned to head home around 8 PM, well before the place closed. With a snow storm coming on quickly the place seemed to empty out pretty early, but with four wheel drive I figured I had nothing to worry about. When I got up to get my last cup of coffee to go all the urns were gone! I looked around and no one was behind the counters! I called out a couple of times and no one could hear me! Finally one of the bakers came out and said they had closed the place long ago! Eventually a manager showed up and apologized, but it was so weird being there with the place closed and no one bothered to say anything to me! They did make a latte for me since there was no coffee. Very strange.

BTW, is Android multitasking or is it single tasking like the iPad OS?


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