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gEDA-user: ngspice 21 plus T-line problem, RHEL

Having trouble with a very simple netlist that has worked before on 
other versions of ngspice but not now after updating to version 21plus.

At issue is the lossless t-line element.  It seems to have no output.
See netlist below.

Has anyone else had a problem with it?

Roger Traylor

T-line test

*input source with 2ns delay, 1nS edges, 20ns pulse width, 41ns cycle time
Vin vin 0 1.0 PULSE(0 1.0 2e-9 1nS 1nS 20e-9 41e-9)

*source output impedance
rsrc vin tline_in 50

*the transmission line, 50 ohm, 2ns electrical length
t1 tline_in 0 tline_out 0  z0=50  td=2ns

*termaination at end of T-line
rload tline_out 0 1000Meg

   tran 100ps 40ns
   plot  V(tline_in) V(tline_out) xl 1ns 40ns


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