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gEDA-user: gnetlist (bug?) subcircuit symbol without pinnumbers


a few comments/questions on this weekends gnetlist experince:

gnetlist via gsch2pcb complains a lot, and adds a pin U?-? on every net
that connects to a specific symbol for a subcircuit (with source=
attibute). The error messages are not helpful.

It took a while to figure out that gnetlist is unhappy about not finding
pinnumber= attibutes on the pins of that symbol.

Why does a subcircuit need pin numbers? The connectivity is establisched
via pinlabel= (although pinnumber= would be more intuitive, at least
until we get rid of all the attribute overloading, and since pinnumber=
seems to be required for unknown reasons).

Why does gnetlist not tell which entity it is complaining about in its
error messages?

$ gnetlist --version
gnetlist: unrecognized option '--version'

... oh, that is unhelpful as well, no cut'n paste from the gschem about
box either. Let's see, 

$ dpkg -s geda | grep ^Version
Version: 1:1.6.1-4

Debian sid.


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