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gEDA-user: refdes_renum_slots update

Here is an update for refdes_renum_slot.

New Feature:
The tool now takes into consideration the components x position along with its y position when assigning a part number. Thus a screen full of components will be numbered from left to right and then top down.

Existing Features:
Assigns a refdes values: Converts refdes values from U?, U?, R?, etc to U1, U2, R1 etc... Respects slotted components. Slotted components are grouped with the same refdes number based on their physical proximity to each other. Existing groupings are respected. If components are manually assigned the same refdes, they will end up in the same group even if found on separate pages. Page skipping. The refdes can be prefixed with the page number. U101 for the first component on page 1. U201 for page 2. Gentle renumbering. If --force is not specified, all existing refdes assignments are preserved.

The GPLed java code can be downloaded from here:


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