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gEDA-user: Light vs heavy gschem symbols?


Could you give us a brief discussion on light vs. heavy gschem symbols?


Steve Meier

Stuart Brorson wrote:

--------------   Free Dog Gathering Announcement ----------------

The Free EDA Users Group will meet this coming Thursday, June 2nd. Once again, let's meet at the Starbucks across the street from Quantum
Books on Ames St, between Main St and Broadway. It's about 1 block
away from the Kendall Sq "T" stop. (In Cambridge, MA, USA, of

The meeting will be an open and informal working session. Bring your
laptop! Some items on the agenda are:

*  Scilab vs. Octave showdown! (by request)
*  More discussion about "light" vs. "heavy" gschem symbols.
*  Your favorite issue here!

Free Dog is an association of like-minded hackers and engineers
interested in free and open EDA tools. We hold monthly meetings at MIT
(and other locations) featuring informal networking, speakers, and
camaraderie. Our goals are to learn more about CAD, engineering and
scientific software, share ideas about our current projects, and --
most importantly -- have fun with like-minded people. We welcome new
members and participants of all ages. Students are particularly

Date: Thursday, June 2nd, 2005. (*** Note the change of day! ***)
Time: 7:00pm Location: Starbucks Coffee, 6 Cambridge Center, Cambridge,

For more details, please contact me privately at sdb (AT) cloud9 (DOT)