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gEDA-user: gEDA/gaf stable version 1.0-20070626 release in-progress

Hi all,

* I've created the stable-1.0 branch and the first release off of this
  branch will be 1.0-20070626.  

* Commits that I've cherry picked for this release are:  

	commit b4d11e34a41ed0a163480e9caee89302527013c9
	Author: Ales Hvezda <ahvezda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    		Added *.o (all object files) to all src .gitignore files.
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit 2d65e9c33c58b52296ab92ad55d01f2896c66465
	Author: Peter Clifton <pcjc2@xxxxxxxxx>

    		Move all .cvsignore files to .gitignore files
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit 88f34208e11f10497dde843d48dac57d01c27e6d
	Author: Ales Hvezda <ahvezda@xxxxxxxx>

		Fixed the odd behavior of not cancelling the placement
		of components.
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit b86f7161a6d367d45621cba511fad047d4175b60
	Author: Ales Hvezda <ahvezda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

		Changed/updated the #define mechanism for creating custom
		gEDA/gaf versions.

	commit cfce8ceb3e21c3320f7f9f74c258706d4d13abbd
	Author: Ales Hvezda <ahvezda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

		Fix bug #1741452, segfault on "Include component as
		individual objects"
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit 41c48a315cb5ba3e13593cc53a139e66d141e1c2
	Author: Peter TB Brett <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

		Help menu updates.
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit b46a034cb9ae64302b7fb6956ac58bdca494162f
	Author: Dan McMahill <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

    		Use "=" instead of "==" as an operator for test as the former
    		is portable and the latter is a bash-ism
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit c138c01aafc705ae9f1b35f6a91d6b6f96d89c90
	Author: Carlos Nieves Onega <cnieves@xxxxxxxxxx>

    		Changed nil by #f.
		(cherry picked from commit

	commit 750ef1e8938ae914a69908159f3b25198aa6428a
	Author: Peter TB Brett <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    		Fix unused variable warning in gattrib (not gnetlist).
		(cherry picked from commit

* If anybody has any additional patches think are appropriate for this 
  stable release, please let me know.  I'll consider them if they are 
  appropriate for a the stable branch.

* You can get the stable-1.0 branch from git:

      git fetch
      git rebase origin
      git checkout stable-1.0

  Or if you want to use CVS, you can get it by running:

      cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/home/git/gaf.git co stable-1.0

* I will release 1.0-20070626 tomorrow evening EST if all goes well.
  At that point I will tag this release.

All comments to me,


PS. Many thanks to PeterB and PeterC for their help with git.  The git
    transition would have been magnitudes more painful without their help.

PPS. I don't ever want to see anybody else manually updating a ChangeLog
     (on the master branch) again.  I've had my fun merging conflicting
     ChangeLogs.  :-|

PPPS. PeterB, I'm quite tempted to pickup up your ChangeLog changes and
      update script.  Any thoughts if this is a good/bad idea for the stable

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