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Re: gEDA-user: gEDA/gaf stable version 1.0.1-20070626 released!

On Jun 26, 2007, at 10:01 PM, Ales Hvezda wrote:

> Hi,
> I am pleased to announce the first ever stable release of gEDA/gaf:
> 1.0.1-20070626.  The focus of this release was bug fixing.  This is  
> also
> the first release created using git.  Many thanks to everybody  
> involved.
> You can find this release at:
> http://geda.seul.org/devel/1.0/1.0.1-20070626

After much futzing with dependencies, I have successfully built this  
release from source on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.10!

I was stuck on the gtk+ stuff.  I'd followed the instructions in  
for-apples-os-x-gtk2.html, and that port is broken in ways I don't  
understand (and it also installed it in /opt/gtk, rather than in /usr/ 
local).  So started from the GTK+ website (http://www.gtklib.org/ 
download) and grabbed the 2.10.13 sources.  The GTK folks were kind  
enough to include a list of the dependencies, which I grabbed and  
built (and had to get their dependencies) and that all went  
smoothly.  I used the libpng and libjpeg packages from http:// 
ethan.tira-thompson.com/Mac%20OS%20X%20Ports.html rather than  
building those from source.  I used the guile 1.8.1 from http:// 
rudix.org/ and that worked.

So now to build pcb and gerbv.  That's project for tomorrow night  


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