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Re: gEDA-user: PCB: Stale rat's nest?

On 3/3/06, Vanessa Dannenberg <vanessadannenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Perhaps it would be a good idea to show the user normal everyday words in
> stead of 'refdes' and 'slot' and whatever else.  It makes a lot more sense at
> first, and seems less daunting.  When I'm confronted with weird terms like
> these, I think "Huh?  What does this mean?  This is too complicated for me."

I disagree that the terminology should be changed to more common
words.  In any profession a series of terms evolves that allows
succinct and accurate communication. Learning the terminology is a
necessary step to proficiency.

To reduce the learning curve there should be some sort of help menu
item that will access terms and definitions. If gaf has terms that are
different from standard industry terms (I am not sure if does) we
probably should change them.

(* jcl *)