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gEDA-user: Bug: Screenupdate on moving selected objects

   Since commit e323e4636ef7b7239003a41ba305221bc6d9bab1 'hid/gtk:
   Invalidate the damaged region, not the whole view' there is an error on
   moving selected objects. If you select an element (footprint, line,
   ...) and move it with a second klick+drag, just a small part of the
   view is rendered during moving/dragging. The remain of the screen is
   rendered white.
   I am really looking forward to have the gl features in the default-pcb!
   The amount of work on committing patches is really impressive during
   the last days, thank you! Hope, to find some time in the next days to
   do some coding for pcb, too :-).
   Kind regards,
   I did not open a bug-report for this. I will do it, if it is not fixed
   in the next days 'as a reminder'.

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