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Re: gEDA-user: Bug: Screenupdate on moving selected objects

On Sun, 2011-05-01 at 22:55 +0200, Felix Ruoff wrote:
> Hello!
>    Since commit e323e4636ef7b7239003a41ba305221bc6d9bab1 'hid/gtk:
>    Invalidate the damaged region, not the whole view' there is an error on
>    moving selected objects. If you select an element (footprint, line,
>    ...) and move it with a second klick+drag, just a small part of the
>    view is rendered during moving/dragging. The remain of the screen is
>    rendered white.

Yep, I can reproduce it here.. I realised it was broken last night but
haven't had a chance to fix the issue yet.

>    I am really looking forward to have the gl features in the default-pcb!
>    The amount of work on committing patches is really impressive during
>    the last days, thank you! Hope, to find some time in the next days to
>    do some coding for pcb, too :-).

Irritatingly the branch is still as long as ever! On the other hand, the
architectural refactoring required is nearly done - just some
re-shuffling of draw.c to be done now really. I've got some idea of what
it needs to look like, but I hate designing APIs!

I look forward to your patches.

>    I did not open a bug-report for this. I will do it, if it is not fixed
>    in the next days 'as a reminder'.

Thanks for the reminder - sorry you had to take the trouble of bisecting
to find which patch I broke it with!

Chances are that the underlying problem was existing, but our rather
conservative policy of redrawing the whole screen every frame may have
masked it.

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