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Re: gEDA-user: pcb has two libraries

   Here's what I get:
   newlib: "%s"
   Top level directory for the newlib style library
   That makes me think it's in /usr/share/pcb, but it isn't.
   Then I did this:
   thomas@thinkpadone:~$ whereis pcb
   pcb: /usr/bin/pcb /usr/local/bin/pcb /usr/share/pcb
   So which one is PCB?? /usr/bin/pcb or /usr/local/bin/pcb?

   On 8 May 2011 04:05, DJ Delorie <[1]dj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     The best way to tell is to look at what directory pcb itself is in.
     If it's /usr/bin/pcb, it's going to look in /usr/share for its
     libraries.  If it's /usr/local/bin/pcb, it's going to look in
     You could also try "strings /usr/bin/pcb | grep newlib"
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