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Re: gEDA-user: Pins not on grid

Mike Bushroe wrote:

> The second problem I had was the pins on all objects, dips, connectors and
> power symbols alike, were offset from the grid. When I used snap to grid for
> net lines, they would never connect without magnetic net, which was causing
> its own problems. Any idea how reducing the grid size from 100 to 25 mills

There is no real world unit attached to sizes in gschem. Everything scales. 
So it is just 100 units.

> caused all the pins to be offset?

Maybe, you turned off snap-to-grid by accident and moved large portions 
of your circuit with the mouse. (Options - Toggle_Snap_on/off). 
By the way, this is not a real toggle anymore, but a three-way-snap. 
Watch out the status bar at the bottom of the canvas. There is an entry 
"Grid" with two numbers in parenthesis. The second number is the currently
visible grid. Zoom way out to see the effect. 

The first number is the currently active snap grid. This grid can be OFF, 
a number, or a number postfixed with the letter "R". In R-mode, off grid 
objects snap to the grid when dropped.

> Is there anyway, other than starting over, to fix it?

Use the resnap mode mentioned above. IIRC, this is a fairly new feature. 
So you may have to install a newer version of gschem.
I'd advocate to make the resnap mode the default. This is what PCB does.
It is also the way almost all other graphics applications I used, do it.

> I tried moving the chips and power symbols after the grid size
> was reduced, but they snapped to a different grid, it seemed.

The default mode does not snap to a grid but moves the object by integer
multiples of the current grid size. This means, you can't return to the
grid that way.

> I am also guessing that since I did not remember to do a fresh git of the
> most recent release but still had these new features that Ubuntu has
> included gshcem in part of the automatic updates?


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