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gEDA-user: GLib-GObject-WARNING

   How to fix my problem. I run gschem without any errors before I made
   some automatic updates with the update manager in
   ubuntu 10.04LTS. But now it opens a white screen with a grid and gschem
   has no Menubar. In the console I get the output
   (gschem:19934): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: IA__g_object_set_valist:
   construct property "type" for object `Log' can't be set after
   and there are some issues which gschem tells:
   gEDA/gschem version
   gEDA/gschem comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; see COPYING for more
   This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
   conditions; please see the COPYING file for more details.
   Read system config file [/etc/gEDA/system-gafrc]
   In unknown file:
      ?: 0* [primitive-load "/etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg"]
   In /etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg:
     62: 1* (background-color 0 "black" "null" "null" -1 -1 -1)
   /etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg:61:0: Unbound variable: background-color
   Read system config file [/etc/gEDA/system-gschemrc]
   Read init scm file [/usr/share/gEDA/scheme/gschem.scm]
   New file [/home/josef/src/geda-gaf-1.7.0/untitled_1.sch]
   Hm, How to fix this problem?
   I tried compiling and installing gschem 1.6.2 but I get the same
   gschem 1.7. don't run it says: /usr/local/bin/gschem: error while
   loading shared libraries: libgeda.so.39: connot open
   shared object fiel: No such file or directory

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