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Re: gEDA-user: GLib-GObject-WARNING

Josef Vukovic wrote:

> (gschem:19934): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: IA__g_object_set_valist: construct
> property "type" for object `Log' can't be set after construction
> and there are some issues which gschem tells:
> In unknown file:
>    ?: 0* [primitive-load "/etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg"]
> In /etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg:
>   62: 1* (background-color 0 "black" "null" "null" -1 -1 -1)
> /etc/gEDA/gschem-darkbg:61:0: Unbound variable: background-color
> Hm, How to fix this problem?

The syntax for the background color command changed (not so) recently.
For white background it should read like this: 
 (load (build-path geda-rc-path "gschem-colormap-lightbg"))
For dark background:
 (load (build-path geda-rc-path "gschem-colormap-darkbg"))

The error messages above suggest, you try to load gschem-darkbg. Check
your local $HOME/.gEDA/gschemrc for lines that change the background.
If this ok, the system-gschemrc may be outdated, read, contain commands
that try to load gschem-darkbg.

> I tried compiling and installing gschem 1.6.2 but I get the same problems.
> gschem 1.7. don't run it says: /usr/local/bin/gschem: error while loading
> shared libraries: libgeda.so.39: connot open
> shared object fiel: No such file or directory

Make sure, libgeda.so.39 is in a place where it can be found by the 
linker. The generic place for a local install from source is a symlink

You may have to run ldconfig with root permission after you changed
these library links. The Makefile of geda does not run this command
automatically. It does not make an attempt to figure out whether the
command might be needed, either. A bug report on this got turned down
because not every build environment may need it.

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