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Re: gEDA-user: gsch2pcb output looks wrong

Mike Bushroe wrote:

> I have fixed up the schematic with the help from above, but when I try to
> transfer it to pcb, the element groups have almost nothing in the open line
> (which is usually a parentheses rather than square braces) and the item
> name, value, etc at at the bottom inside a trailing parentheses.

Some of the footprint attributes in mini_ROV.pcb contain a trailing 
".fp". Looks like this confuses gsch2pcb. 
Seems this is an incarnation of the infamous, long standing
hyphen-in-footprint-calls-m4-bug. This bug makes gsch2pcb produce 
garbage so that pcb chokes and fails. Unfortunately, symptoms of 
failure vary from instant segfault to almost, but not quite ok.

This bug was recently fixed at least for hyphens. What version of
gschem/gnetlist do you use?

Try to get rid of all the ".fp" in footprint attributes. The easiest 
way might be a search and replace session with an editor. 

Hope, that helps.
If it helps, file a bug report, please. The workflow certainly should
not break like this if footprint names contain a period.

Kai-Martin Knaak
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