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gEDA-user: gsch2pcb output looks wrong

   I have fixed up the schematic with the help from above, but when I try
   to transfer it to pcb, the element groups have almost nothing in the
   open line (which is usually a parentheses rather than square braces)
   and the item name, value, etc at at the bottom inside a trailing
   parentheses. I have attached the circuit schematic and the output from
   gsch2pcb. I also tried using Xgsch2pcb, but it never seemed to actually
   convert the schematic. The 2009 version of pcb has a file command for
   import schematics, but clicking nothing seems to happen. I do not see
   where you are supposed to identify which schematics to enter.
     I also tried loading the 2010 version of pcb to see if that fixed
   whatever the problem is, but I can't get past the ./configure. It hangs
   looking for GD library, which does not seem to be available on the net
   anymore. Is there any other way to load the most recent version without
   gdlib-config? And how do I tell what version of pcb I am running. The
   Window/About gives the date (version 20091103), but the header from
   gsch2pcb says pcb 1.99x?
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