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Re: gEDA-user: Stuck on magnetic nets

     with snap to grid not set to "R" and the lines and pins lining up, I
   won't need the magnetic net as much. I agree, it often short cuts to
   the point of making routing other lines hard or even making false net
   connections. I had not thought of holding down CRTL while zooming in to
   get it to use the new pixel spacing. I will try that later.
    Now the problem is getting pcb to accept the output of gsch2pcb. It
   fails the very first element. Last years pcb files started with all the
   letters and number, then with elements with the name and value on the
   first line. This year, the output from gsch2pcb jumps straight to
   elements, and this one fails around its third line:
   Element(0x00 "" "" "" 600 0 0 100 0x00)
       Pin(150 300 60 50 "1" 0x101)
       Pin(450 300 60 50 "2" 0x01)
       ElementArc(300 300 300 300 0 360 10)
       ElementLine(-60 300            -20 300 10)
       ElementLine(-40 280 -40 320 10)
       ElementLine(620 300 660  300 10)

       Mark (150 300)
   Burn the Land,  Boil the Sea,  You can't take the SKY from me!

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