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Re: gEDA-user: Hiding individual layers of a layer-group

On Wed, 11 May 2011 13:12:55 +0100
Peter Clifton <pcjc2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Wed, 2011-05-11 at 21:41 +1000, Geoff Swan wrote:
> > Hi folks, I've just started using separate layers so for my
> > polygons so that I can hide them when necessary. This works fine
> > until I group them with the appropriate layer. Ie - top and ground
> > in a layer grouping - with ground being the layer I am putting
> > polygons on. When I go to hide the ground layer - the top layer is
> > also hidden. If I put them in separate groups this doesn't happen -
> > however it seems that if I put them in separate groups the DRC
> > breaks... is there any way around this??
> To achieve the visual clarity I guess you're looking for, switch to
> the pcb+gl branch and turn on "thin draw polygons".
> Alternatively, "thin draw polygons" in git HEAD might still help you.
> The keyboard short-cut is Ctrl + Shift + P

I do find that Thin Draw Polygons is helpful sometimes.  However I also
find many times that I would like to be able to show only specific
layers (not whole layer groups).  For instance, if I want to rip up all
my ground plane polygons, I would like to be able to show only the
ground plane layer (which is in the "top" layer's group) so that I can
"select all" to select only the ground plane copper.


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