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Re: gEDA-user: One more viewer for gEDA data.

   Thank you all, for the warm words :)

     I was not aware that HTML5 (canvas) already supports editing of
     -- can you point me to a description and a minimal example, like

   Unfortunatly canvas by itself doesn't support editing, so any editing
   just emulation - changed object erased, than it is draw with changes.
   Just now Wedana redraw all canvas for changes in editing window. It is
   not optimal and not very effective, so one of the nearest milestone -
   renderer optimization (avoiding background redrawing, avoid unnecessary
   recalculations and much more).
   On-the fly example of edited canvas may be this:
   It is JS wrapper for Processing lang. You can check other examples to
   se the power of the Canvas.

     Is your project related to the suggested file format change to SVG
     recently proposed by Andrew Seddon?

   No, just now SVG was not the root technology of this project 'cos weak
   support of it on mobile browsers. But project architecture allow
   quickly switch to new format if required. All that is need - write
   parser of new format to internal JS objects used by Wedana.

     Do you intend to copy gschem editing behaviour?

   Yes, it is one of the major feature to be implemented (I need gschem
   editor on my Android tablet :) ), but with current resources it coud be
   done at the outumn, not early.

   Best regards,
   Pavlo Taranov


   1. http://processingjs.org/learning/topic/continuouslines

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