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gEDA-user: One more viewer for gEDA data.

   I'd like to introduse project Wedana ([1]http://wedana.sf.net), which
   is based on the gEDA file format.
   This project is HTML5 renderer (and editor) for the gEDA file formats.
   Just now it is able to draw most primitives availiable in schema files.
   So it can be used as client-side viewer for schematics, with ability to
   edit it and see result just in the browser.
   You can see demos availiable from the bottom of the main project page.
   But code still unstable, so any participations are wellcome (coding,
   testing or some constructive critics) :)
   Any suggestions or feature requests are wellcome too.
   Thank you,


   1. http://wedana.sf.net/

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