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Re: gEDA-user: One more viewer for gEDA data.

On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 09:40:05PM +0300, ÐÐÐÐÐ ÐÐÑÐÐÐÐ wrote:
>      Hmmm...  HTML5 exporter HID for PCB ?
>    Not shure whether I correctly understand "HID"? :)
>    Current implementation doesn't understand PCB file format, this feature
>    is planned after gschem implementation.

The pcb source uses various ``HID''s to draw things, so that
it can support multiple GUI's. It also exports pcb files by
the same mechanism, for example, as a PNG.

In the case of PNG, the exporter essentially pretends to
be a GUI, but instead of drawing components on the screen
it uses the gd library to draw in a file. An HTML5 exporter
would work in the same way; instead of drawing on the screen,
it would dump text to a .html file.

Assuming you don't need editing capability, this would be
very easy but very tedious to implement.

Andrew Poelstra
Email: asp11 at sfu.ca OR apoelstra at wpsoftware.net
Web:   http://www.wpsoftware.net/andrew/

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