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gEDA-user: Keyboard shortcut in pcb to increase line width

   For some reason, I can not find the keyboard shortcut to increase the
   width of the selected trace/line. I know I _used_ to use that shortcut
   a whole lot, but now I have to go through the Select pull-down menu
   each time, so I am not tweaking the layout as much as I should I tried
   the Info pull-down menu and read through the key bindings, but I could
   not find one for line width, just the line tool. And when I select a
   line and try "s", "S", "CTRL-s", "CTRL-S", "l' "L" "+" +CTRL-+",
   nothing happens. Occasionally, when I really bang some variations, the
   line shrivels up, but still does not get wider. I am sure it is
   something simple and obvious, but I seem to be completely missing it
   this time around.
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