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Re: gEDA-user: chip data directories in a library ( library packages )

   I have not been following this closely, so let me make a guess at what
   the basics are, and in so doing through my little 2 kopecks worth in.
   If there were a combined, heavy library with both circuit element
   symbols and footprints contained within a single grouping for a single
   device, part number, group of related parts, so that from either gschem
   or pcb you could search for the root name of that part/device and be
   given a list of possible symbols to use in gschem (I know Atmel Atmega
   parts have differing numbers of pins based on DIP, TSOP, etc) and then
   the matching footprint (or footprints, if several package/mounting
   styles or sizes could still fit) would be stuffed into the element
   attributes. Or, if you were working directly in pcb, you would access
   the same library, search for the same root device name, and be given a
   list of all known footprints for it ( and possibly stuff the
   corresponding symbol in the element attributes incase you ever wanted
   to go backwards to gschem). This group, bundle, set of data might also
   include spice model data for the part (possibly once again linked to a
   package style). In either case, you could open up the linked data in
   either gschem or pcb to 'heavy up' the item you are working on to
   export the data to some other tool flow (does pcb to spice to verify
   the design make sense?)
   As for names, data pack would be similar industry standard data sheets.
   Technically, these would be data nodes or data branches or data
   clusters. You could even call them device seeds because they seed
   desired data into whatever tool path they have data for and you desire.

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