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Re: gEDA-user: Task list for: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

     while reading your comments about gschem and pcb requesting ALL the
   'packets' that match the partial information in order to fill in gaps
   reminds me of another minor problem I have with the occasional work _I_
   do. I usually start with an Atmel microcontroller and add on parts and
   wires from there. I can see the packet starting with "ATMega64" that
   would select a microcontroller with given memory size, but with several
   different package styles, and thus footprints, and different clock
   speeds and thus spice models. But another problem rather specific to
   microcontrollers, whether they by PIC, Atmel, Parallax, etc is that
   most pins have multiple uses, and that is hard to squeeze into the
   symbol without needing a E size drawing for the schematic. I Know John
   Doty will roll over in his eventual grave over this, but could the
   'packet' of data also have choices for alternate naming in the
   schematic of pins with multiple uses? You would also have to allow for
   the fact that the DIP part is often limited to 40 pins, but the TQFP
   has 44 pins, and when they have one the BGA is 49.
    Since one of the hardest parts for me of the gschem, gshcm2pcb, pcb
   tool chain is finding the right footprints for device, switch,
   connector, I am glad that a heavy library approach is being tried. I
   think if this works it will further open up the schematic to pcb tool
   chain for newcomers.
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