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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Stephan Boettcher wrote:

> Why is there so much discussion here about the needs of potential new
> users, instead of the needs of current, loving, existing users?  Let's
> make the tools perfect for us (that includes discoverability and
> documentation improvements), and not cater for not-yet-users.

In my case, this is essentially the same. If students find geda more
difficult and less attractive than eagle, I have a hard time to convince 
them to use the right tool.

>> but I must say that it's difficult to learn.  Perhaps a comprehensive
>> tutorial/manual that explains the usual PCB workflow would help.

full ack.

> In the end, the development caters the needs of whoever is doing the
> development,

and whose contributions get accepted. There is a heap of 45 patches for 
pcb and 20 patches for geda rotting on launchpad. 

> That brings me to another point: I somehow feel a barrier of entry for
> contributing code to gEDA/PCB, more than with other projects.  This is a
> combination of a lot of little details which have been discussed before.

It starts with a developer mailing list that is closed to mortal users but 
discusses issues which affect said users. The wiki only features edit buttons
on application. 

Some major usability issues effectively have the status "won't fix". Examples 
are the next to unusable default library of geda and the lack of proper 
find&replace mechanisms, in gschem and in pcb. 

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